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Saturday, May 31, 2014


So Divas & Snappers need a little motivation to get fit,  tight and right. How about a hot and sexy workout with your partner-boo, like Toya & Memphitz Wright and more fitness folks are doing.... Mm huh, this def make us want to get up off this computer and turn up in the gym... See the cute couple get their workout on inside.

Want to get fit for summer... How about having a morning bunch with your mate-boo or a date night at the gym just like Mr. & Mrs. Wright do! Get ideas and see videos of partner workouts below...

Capiton: This is what happens when you work out with your husband. 😂. We play to much. @dtopt training us and we being silly. #TheWrights #fitnessfun

Watch clip of Toya and Memphitz boo'd up getting their work out on together below:

Now check out RHOA star Porsha Williams get her work out on with her fitness trainer :

Now watch fitness coach and Author of  "Complete Guide To A Sexier Healthier You"  Ms. Laeann Amos and her man-boo workout technique:

 hot right!

Watch clips below to learn ways to workout with your partner:

Def is Motivation Right, 
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