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Thursday, March 13, 2014


Turn down for what?!

Yeah these Diva turn down their gears to show off  what they are werking with. Hey if you got the body why not flaunt it. Check out Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Bobbi-Kristen... {wait pause} We  a little worry about this child, but you'll see why inside, oh and let not forget Kimmy K-pooh who are giving us some Bikini Babe selfie inside.

Mi Lady Nicki Minaj share her  selfie-love on Twitter and IG of some bikini snaps while she was on her romantic holiday vacay in Mexico with her man-boo. See pics below...

 Nicki  almost tip over in one of her bikini babe pose as she  tweeted the pic and jokingly explaining:  'I was falling n @grizzleemusic just kept on shooting. Lol'

Splash, Splash! Now on to Mariah Carey who took some time to relax on her beach retreat. The 43-year-old diva posted several pics of herself wearing a bikini and chilling out in a swimming pool with an ocean view on Wednesday.

The star rocked a red bikini with a pair of high heels at her luxurious beach retreat alongside the caption: 'Music is my life #Gratitude.'

Oh and about Bobbi Kristen who have lost a great amount of weight sharing a selfie of herself on vacay poolside in a tiny black bikini that had folks on twitter snappin, which led her and her hubby-Boo Nick Gordon to snap back.

Now check out their snappin on twitter below:

 photo BobbiKristweet.png  photo BobbiKristweet1.png
Her hubby-boo Nick jumped in on defending his wifey and said:

 photo NickGordontweets.png
These two are a snappin trip! Ha!

But Chile -Boo we don't know who look the skinniest... 

Bobbi-Kristina or that damn Miley Cyrus, just look at her 


 Miley Cyrus turn down to enjoy some down-time as she kicked back poolside in Dallas, Texas, on Tuesday shared the selfie on Instagram.

Now how about the selfie Bikini Diva Kimmy Kardashion who took a self in a mirror in Miami's at the Versace mansion...  Kimmy rocked a black bikini that's is owned by her 16-year-old sister Kylie Jenner.

More Bikini Diva:
Check out Mrs. Coco, rapper Ice-T wifey all dazzle up in her swim wear during a photo shoot with dance troupe 'The Vanity Vixens' in New York City to promote her off-Broadway burlesque show. 

Oooh Chile they are killin us!

Bikini Bods or What,
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