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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Did Kelly Rowland do her thang or nah? 

While standing in the long lines trying to get my grub I overheard some folks snappin about my Diva Kelly who stun the stage and surpise us with a handsome a$$ guest Nelly at the city hottest annual event Jazz In The Gardens .  And was it a turn up to turn out at. 

Yes it was the place to be this weekend in the M.I.A.  Check out Kelly and more hot celebs such as Trey Songz, Jamie Foxx, Anthony Hamilton all who rocked the stage  at Sunlife Stadium in Miami Garden, Florida for the two-day event inside.

Plus see Kelly unwind on Miami Beach with her man-boo.

Jazz in the Garden is a two day music festival that kick off  on Saturday hosted by DL Hughley, that featured some of the biggest stars in R&B and Jazz. Saturday evening Kelly Rowland feat Nelly, Trey Songz,  and Jamie Foxx featuring  Doug E. Fresh all snap off the event.  While the Fans continue to party hard on Sunday evening when Mint Condition, Anthony Hamilton, LL Cool J, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly and surprising guest rocked the Garden performing for a super packed audience.  

See pics and video below...

Kelly surprises of the Saturday night performances was when Kelly brought out rapper Nelly to perform their Grammy-winning hit “Dilemma.”
“I asked [Nelly] to stop here, and he came by. I’m just so happy that it was a surprise,” Rowland told TheGrio. “I kept it a surprise because I wanted to do something special for Miami. I live here, so I have to.”

Press play to watch the video below: 

 photo RigRKMk-1.jpg
 photo oasdIXL.jpg

 photo GEYtO4r.jpg

Saturday night was full of surprises...! That dang Snapper Jamie Foxx had some surprises of his own for the Miami crowd when he gave out $5,000 to the best female audience member who was willing to come on stage and twerk it up for him. Video below

 photo 0dT26SV.jpg

 photo 9EAXyUc.jpg

Werk Old Ma Jamie!  Hello! Watch video here:

 photo GmF8J2B.jpg

 photo xSwZkKw.jpg

 photo 8wNlJTy.jpg

Legendary band Maze featuring Frankie Beverly rip the stage.
 photo yV8j2gS.jpg

And now a make-up free Kelly with her finace-Boo on Miami Beach enjoying some down time in the sun all couple up and ish! 
See more pics below...

 photo babym5.jpg

Kelly Rowland spotted Sunday  on Miami Beach with her fiancé- Boo Manager Tim Witherspoon watching Jelly fish that wash on shore.

 photo babym6.jpg
The "Kisses Down Low" singer  steps on a Jelly Fish...  Ouch that must hurt! 

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