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Thursday, February 20, 2014


We know, we know, we may be a little late on this ish, but who gives a damn. Here it is... We had reported not to long ago that Porsha Williams ex-husband Kordell Stewart had move on after a publicly divorce and we're now kickin it as in dating one of the Braxton sister Towanda Braxton, while finally Kordell is speaking out on it, and check what her had to say about dating Towanda B. 

Oh BTW: We too shared some rumors of Porsha Williams  being knock up. Well just like we thought she is not. Check all the snappin inside.

During a recent interview, Towanda  was throwing side hints on the rumors of her hooking up with Kordell which really didn't tell us on whether or not they was dating.  Well leave it up to Kordell to let it be known he snap about NOT dating Towanda saying:

"Towanda Braxton is a very nice lady. I had the opportunity to meet her and…no, we’re not dating.
So how did that rumor get started? As you see on the blogs, we were at an event. You guys know Big Tigger from the radio. He and I were hosting the Grudge Match – a red carpet event. And we took a picture together. And it just shot off from there. Reality TV, first thing you know it’s a big story. And one thing leads to another. But a nice lady. I got the opportunity to meet her. She’s cool people. But I got a lot going on over here." 
Well we guess! However Kordell snapped this in a interview last Thrusday {Feb 13} on the Tom Joyner Morning Show.

Okay here the snap on Porsha being preggo: A week after the rumor hit the net of Porsha was knocked up due to the above instagram pic of her mid-section looking gut full. Porsha snap on it saying:

"Bringing a child into the world is an experience I pray God will bless me with someday. However at this time despite the persistent rumors, as you all can see, I AM NOT PREGNANT! " 

There you have it... Anywho!

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