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Thursday, January 30, 2014


Oh so She, you know  Amina Buddafly...Peter Gunz ol lady hit up on the red carpet over the weekend at  ASCAP’s Annual Grammy Nominees brunch and spoke on the pregnancy rumor. Just recently we reported that various sources confirmed that the LAHHNY reality star was pregnant, so all folks want to know is she or is she not pregnant?  Watch Amina snap about it inside. 

After the pregnancy rumor hit on the net,  Amina Buddafly change her Instagram to private.... Which makes you  question is Peter Gunz visa wifey preggo?? Here what she snapped to Hip Hollywood, also hinting at a big announcement at the upcoming reunion, airing soon:

“I can’t really talk about that yet because there’s something that’s going to be revealed on the show. We are still running. We still have a couple of episodes and then the reunion show. People have to stay tuned to watch to see what’s really going on,” she told us. “What I can tell you is that we [Peter] are still together and still married.”

BTW: Peter Gunz also spilled the tea on if she is knocked up in a recent tweet when spotted by Fans at the welfare office.

Watch the video below:

More Snappin: Amina also get some tea on the Love and Hip hop NYC Reunion:
“The reunion show is absolutely crazy… We taped it a few weeks back and … madness. I encourage everyone to watch it because I think it’s going to be entertaining for everyone, a lot of surprises and craziness.”
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