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Thursday, January 30, 2014


Oh our bad!

Rumor control: Rapper T.I has took to TMZ, did you hear me... TMZ to snap on the rumor of him and wifey-boo Tameka Tiny Harris are not separate or heading to Divorce court which we reported a day or two ago. Get the deets on what T.I. says about the family hustle marriage inside.

Okay here the snap per TMZ: 

"T.I. and his wife Tiny are NOT calling it quits after 3 years of marriage ... despite reports to the contrary ... the rapper tells TMZ.

Rumors circulated like crazy after T.I. was a no-show at the Grammys and he and Tiny partied separately afterward.

T.I. tells us yeah, there was a big argument, but it was over something pretty stupid.  Tiny wanted to walk the Grammy red carpet and watch the show but T.I. wanted none of it.  He says they angrily challenged each other on who would end up having more fun that night.

T.I. says the next morning ... they mended fences."

 The Rapper also took to IG to share the above quote  and to say: 

Hell yeah... And shall remain solid. Thru & thru....Always!!!! God is great!!!! So I'm gon always be good. No matter how many lies are told. No matter how many stories are told & sold . I AM errrthing I say I AM. Head of MY FAMILY & Leader of MY TEAM!!!!Never gotta think twice bout how I'm doin.....
#BetterthanU #trust #Facts #FamilyHustleorDie #hustlegangovererrrrthang 

Question: So how the rumors of all their changes and him sleeping with Tiny friend came about? mmm {But whateva}
Anywho that great to know they still on their fam hustling ish.

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