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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


That Right Diva! Get your man in shape.

Take notes Divas and snappers!  The First lady Michelle Obama has revealed her  Santa's list as she slip and stated what she will be getting the Prez  for Christmas, and its something that will keep Mr. Obama as her eye candy. Although I gave you a hint, check what it is inside.

In the holiday spirit Mrs. Obama revealed that she will be getting the Prez some gym clothes for his big Christmas gift this year. The first lady attend a reading of Twas The Night Before Christmas at a children's hospital in D.C. on Monday were she spilled her Santa list saying: 

'He said that’s what he wanted,' She added 'I’m not forcing my husband to work out,' she also said: 'There’s going to be some Let’s Move joke about how I’m strapping him to the treadmill. No, he likes to work out!'

Although she told what on her Christmas list for the Prez, Michelle Obama will not tell much of what on Santa list for their girls.  ABC News reports that the First Lady kept her shopping list closer to the vest when it came to talking about her daughters' wish lists.

'They didn't ask for much this year,'  'They’re going to get stuff.  They don’t know what they’re going to get. 
'They’re going to get small things. We don’t do a lot of big gift-giving. They get to ask for three things.'Mrs Obama said of Malia and Sasha's requests. 

The First Lady also remained silence on what she herself wants, so that will be up to the Prez to figure out on his own.

Well how fun is this! Beside this is what the Christmas holiday is all about!

Sound like Fun in the White house,
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