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Wednesday, December 25, 2013


So by now we all know that Evelyn Lozada is six month pregnant by baseball player Carl Crawford who is contract with the Dodger for $142M. But Check this Baby daddy already has 2 kids by another Chick and one of the kiddos is a 5-month old, plus he is caught up in a nasty custody battle. Say what?  Chile-boo get the full deets inside.

It seems as Evelyn Lozada have no problem with finding a baller with some drama.  We reported a few weeks ago that Evelyn  was six month knock up by b-baller Carl Crawford, now that the unborn child dad is out in the open, we're hearing  that he has a  9-year-old son and 5-month-old daughter the he is requesting the judge to not allow his baby mama  Amy Freeman  to move  from Arizona- where she lived for 12-years- to California  so that she will not get a more favorable child support case.

Anywho  what caught our attention is  how it appear that Carl was making a home run with Evelyn and Baby Mama Amy at the same time, or perhaps got them knock up within a close time frame. I'm just saying do the Math.

Mean while on other ex-lover snappin: 

Not too long ago we also reported that Chad Johnson want to shower Evelyn with baby gift. Well the player-player will not have the opportunity  to because the  reality star  has put the block button in action as she has  ignored, and kindly rejecting her ex-husband, Chad Johnson baby gifts by blocking him on social media.

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