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Friday, November 29, 2013


The rumor started running earlier today that reality star Evelyn Lozada was preggo and as of this afternoon Evelyn daughter  Shaniece Hairston has confirmed her mom’s pregnancy by sharing a snap of her mom baby bump. Check the baby bump inside.

Moment ago Shaniece post the pic via twitter of her feeling on her mom baby bump as she tweeted:

 "You deserve everything that GOD is sending your way. I am so excited to meet my new sibling! #youjustkeepwinning #babyswag #JOY @evelynlozada"

So this explained why the BBW reunion was cancelupon Evelyn request and perhaps we will learn more on the upcoming season of BBW who is the father which supposely is a baseball player name. If there still a season.

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[Photo Spotted:] Twitter

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