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Saturday, November 23, 2013


Man oh man! TLC former manager minister Pebbles Reid and her seed Ashley Reid  are still trying to steal some of Tboz and  Chilli spotlight, ever since the movie CrazySexyCool aired  by keeping the snappin going. And now Ashley Reid is talking on outing her dad LA Reid's alleged affair with Chilli... Hear what she snappin about inside.

Okay here the snap:   Ashley Reid is now snappin some more on spilling the tea on her dad alleged affair with Chilli and how it caused a bit of trouble in their household. In an interview with friend to the Fam Frank Ski, Reid explained 

"The only thing that was kind of the hiccup that I said it. I as a daughter said it. Now I was not judging my father. I was not talking bad about him. I was actually talking about Chilli. Has it put a strain between me and my father's relationship? No."

Then she went on to other accusation... 

On her biggest regrets:
When asked about her biggest regrets, she told Frank that she regretted bringing her vision (TLC) to LaFace Records. "What happened there was horrific.  This tore my family up."
On TLC's cash flow problem:
"How do you take somebody's money?  Even if you think I'm a crook, I don't have the money bag.   Do you really think out of BMG, Arista, CLive Davis...Pebbles has the money bag?  We're at the bottom.  Money flows from the top"
On what would happen if she bumped into T-Boz or Chilli:
“I do not know exactly what would happen…but I wouldn’t be quiet. I’m also not afraid of going to jail....but I would put my family’s wants and concerns first so I wouldn’t act off of pure spontaneous emotion.”

On not buying to a celebrity's image:
“I love TLC….but growing up the way I grew up, what I’ve understood my whole life is that these people are still people. They might not be saints. They actually legitimately might not be good spirits at the end of the day. I’m looking at her not as Chilli…I’m looking at her as Rozonda.” 

Press Play to listen:

On other TLC snappin news: TLC possible drop from Epic label- per Enstarz.com

The girl group's official Twitter page released a statement saying, "TLC [has] been dropped from Epic Records." While T-Boz and Chilli have not commented on the drop, they are not listed as artists on Epic Records' website at time of publication.
The band's Twitter page also hinted that the group was let go from the record label because of the group's former manager, Perri "Pebbles" Reid.

I swear Pebbles and her seeds is about to go top the chart and go platium with this snappin... Sigh* It's still a 'MTB' thang!

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