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Friday, November 15, 2013


The  preview for season 3 of “Mary Mary” was revealed Thrusday night doing the new season of  'Braxton Family Value' and it looks oh so snappin. I mean  we’re talking fireworks snappin  ya'll... Hello! But let us pray, before we check out the new season trailer inside.

Click the snap below to watch the video... 

Sister duo, Erica and Tina Campbell, of Mary~Mary is back  hitting up on our TV screen with some real life drama, and we’re not the least bit surprised to hear of the impending drama. But what  we was most surprise about is when we first learned of sister Tina, who found out about her husband Teddy cheated on her while she was out on the road touring.
In the new season we get to see her go through an emotional rollercoaster. This will lead her to eventually ask Teddy to leave their home, but for how long will just have to wait to see. 

Until then I can tell you that from the look of the preview the season is going to be the most dramatic yet. Erica  will be battling health problems with her voice as she attempt to start off her solo career, as she learned that her vocal chords are bleeding, and it’s by far is more than a temporary problem.  

Oh boy! Remember their Diva manager Mitchell Solarek, now former manager who sued them back in September claiming they owe him more than $75,000 in commissions, yeah we will get to see that relationship fall out as well.

Anywho press play below to watch the trailer:

Snappin Right, Leave Comments Below?

[Photo Credit:] Mary Mary Instagram

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