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Monday, November 18, 2013


No she didn't go onstage wearing that... Or maybe she did? 

K. Michelle during a live performance in Chicago showed her audience a lil more than what they paid for. Beside her large bootay  being on display K. Michelle stepped on the stage with a  sheer pair of leggings and what look like  no undergarments.  And we're like girl..  You about to get a pap smear or something, Cover that "hot pocket"up.

However according to K. Michelle, the outfit she had on Saturday night, was photo-shopped to make it look like her "hot Pocket" was visible. Here what she tweeted:

"Y'all tweeting about a photo shopped picture of my hot pocket. U broke bums should ask somebody to photo shop your pockets 2make them fatter," the "Pay My Bills" the  singer snap this on Twitter after she became the  trending topic late Saturday night.... 

Warning 18+ Viewers only

Click the snap below to view the pic for yourself...

From the pic it look like her lady area is on full display which make it hard for us to say the pic were photo-shopped like K. Michelle claims. While the pics above look like her "cooch was out for everyone to see, if you watch the video below you can see it was just the way of the outfit is made... {I think} Anywho press plays below to be your own judge:

Umm K. yeah your purse {im my Tamar voice} was showing... What Do you think?

Well we guess K is feeling some kind of way about this as she shared the below pic on Ig saying:

"There are a lot of things that I don't know, but I know for sure that God is in control and has my back. There's no way possible I would be living this amazing life I live right now if it wasn't for him blessing me. Thank you Lord".

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[Photo Credit:] Instagram, google

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