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Friday, October 18, 2013


I dont know about all these rumors that going around about  Keyshia Cole’s is having trouble in her marriage. But what I do know is that Keyisha husband Daniel Gibson is treating wifey right as he shower her with some very special birthday gifts, and one very interesting gift that left my mouth wide open.
Click the snap below to view the gifts... 

Keyisha Man-Boo Booby Gibson did not only partied it up with her  on Born-day. But he also overwhlem her with cool gift of  booking a  lavish vacation for Keyshia in paradise island of the Bahamas.  Not onlky did he bought her a 10-day vacay, but he was so thoughtful to pay for her favorite food truck to come out and make her personal tacos. And Keyshia  shared them all on Instagram.... See below..

Keyisha gift certificate:
Happy Birthday Keyshia,You are booked a lovely 10 day vacation at the beautiful Atlantis Paradise Island Hotel in the Bahamas; a private plane with also be escorting you to your destination. Please respond to let us know your available dates to take this glamorous vacation. Hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy.Happy Birthday!From your ever loving Husband,Daniel

The Taco Truck...

Celine Bag...

A Rolex.....

New Money...

Louis Fragnace...

And the very special unique Gift  that left me speechless was the Pig.... Aww how Cute-ish!
I heard pigs are great pets!

Wow! aren't he special.
And the celebration will continue tonight...

 So Sweet, Leave Comments Below?

[Photo Credit:] Keyisha Cole IG

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