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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


We haven't seen R&B singer K-Ci and JoJo since their reality show “Coming Clean" aired. Tuesday morning K-CI and JoJo who from the 90's hit group Jodeci is making a come back as they hit up the Tom Joyner Morning Show to promote their new album, and it was so Ooo Yeah {In my K-Ci singing voice}.

Click the snap below to peep the interview...

Yes Honey for all you Jodeci Fans, your two favorite guys K-Ci and JoJo has return five years later since releasing their last studio effort, “Love.” The Snappers join Tom Joyner and his morning crew to show out in the Red Velvet Cake Studio. There more snappin below...

And from what we heard the Bros did clown as they seemed a little, um, impaired,  well should we  say they was tore up from the floor up {Lol}  when chatting with Tom Joyner to promote their new release “My Brother’s Keeper,”  featuring the new lead single, “Knock It Off.” The platinum-selling Bros decided to tap into their signature of romantic story-telling for the 12-track opus, which .will come out September 30.  Any who on other news, for those who anticipating a Jodeci Reunion here what the K-Ci had to say:

Mr. Dalvin and Devante Swing are doing fine but says “Nope, Jodeci is not getting back together because we never broke up. We just want to thank all our fans and friends for supporting us for all these years.”

In the meantime, they want Jodeci to look out for their new album:

”We had a lot to do with the songs but we have a family [of producers] and we let them do their thing,” says JoJo. “We didn’t have a lot of direction going into this album. It was time to do it. People were threatening us and everything.

 Watch interview below:

By the Way we're feeling a couple of the joint on the album... See more pics of the Bros at the Tom Joyner show here...

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