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Sunday, September 22, 2013


Over the Weekend former basketball wives of L.A and cast mate to ‘I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding; Laura Govan throw a  Hollywood style private birthday bash in the Hollywood Hills, that not only did she enjoyed. But her NBA Boo- Man Gilbert Arenas who also enjoyed most of the entertainment. The couple shared some interesting pics on IG.

Click the snap below to check out the pics….. 

What a unique dress that reality star Laura Govan was popping off in for her bomb party. Look like Laura was about to get her ice skating on {Lol} or was she a circus ring master with that skimpy floral lace party dress. 

However the B-Day Bash was filled with Celebs Guest and some interesting entertainment which Laura revealed on instagram that her love NBA player Gilbert seem to enjoyed in his present as he attend his Lady-Boo celebration. Laura posted the below pic tagging her man who posed it up with a topless mermaid with caption:

"@swaggyp1 @gilbertarenas0 so I see UR a** was having a good time lmao ...." 

Peep pics... {{Warning pic for 18+ only}}

Click here to see original pic Laura shared on Ig, She still have that I don't give a F**k Attitude..Lol {18+only}

Then Boo-Man Gilbert shared this pic on IG also caption:

"I know what ur thinkn @lauramgovan but I was lookn for dipping sauce for my wingssss nigga TURNUP #bombparty

Well Alright then!
Anywho Laura did switch her party wear up as she slipped into another sexy number...Check her out below...

Now check out her Fancy guest who tune into the pordy!

Hollywood Ex reality star Sheree Fletcher 
{Will Smith Ex-Wife}

Jada Paul & Chris Paul

Matt Barnes, & Sister Gloria Govan

Laura and her sister Gloria,are currently filming a new reality show which has not yet revealed what network the show will air on, the Sisters shared what fans can expect.

Gloria dished: “It really is going to just kind of bring a different light on what we represent as real basketball wives and just the league in general. It really just is going to focus on kind of the ups and downs and everything else that kind of involves being in a relationship with a professional athlete. And sisterhood too,,” 

 Laura explained. “Finally you’re going to see exactly who we are,  not bits and pieces … It should be interesting, very entertaining,”.

Hollywood Ex reality star Shamicka Lawrence 
{Martin Lawrence Wife, soon to be Ex}

Actress Naturi Naughton

Tiffney Cambridge {Rapper The Game Baby Mama}

Actor Wesley Jonathan & Guest

Watch B-Day Bash here:


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