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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I don't see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind...{Singing in my R. Kelly voice}. Actress Halle Berry get her Bump jooking at Earth, Wind & Fire concert at the Hollywood Bowl, on Sunday.

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How nice is this, Ms. Berry is pregnant and jammin. It is getting close to Halle Berry to give birth to  her second child that is due sometime this fall. 

So I guess Halle figure while not give her Bump a little boost while at the sametime enjoy the last days of her pregnancy as she was seen with her Boo-Man Olivier Martinez getting their grove on to some good old R&B tunes Sunday night away at an Earth, Wind & Fire concert at the Hollywood Bowl, Get it Halle, see pics below...

The Actress wore a clingy grey top that show of her growing Baby Bump and  pregnancy curves . Completing with a hip mama's getup was a pair of slouchy Aladdin trousers and leather sandals and look in such a  joyful mood as she performed various dance moves to the delight of her 47-year-old partner. I mean who wouldn't be jooking they at an Earth, Wind and Fire concert damn it.

Anywho the couple have revealed that she is pregnant with a little boy and the bundle is expected to arrive some time this Fall.

Watch R.Kelly Bump N Grind below:

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