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Sunday, July 28, 2013


Diva Snap

Talk about making a rude awakening fashion statement! Rihanna’s the now queen of all the social and fashion dis-respect snap in the Norwegian city of Bergen on Friday {July 26} for her Diamonds World Tour. And Honey did Diva Ri-Ri put on a show rocking her p*$$y {bleep} in pink new fashion...

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Diva Snap

My! Only Rihanna can get away with such fashion as having wearing the {bleep} p*$$y {bleep} all over her wardrobe.  The outfit is know as the {bleep} p*$$y collaboration bought to you by Ri-Ri dream team and a Designer  Adam Selman. Ri-Ri posted the below pic to IG caption:

"I prefer my pu$$y in pink" 

Diva Snap

She also posted this pic saying:  PU$$Y x MONEY x W££D #RihPost 

Diva Snap

Diva Snap

Diva Snap

Diva snap

Ri-Ri is such a Rude Gal in a kool, kinda way....{You Think?!?!}

Diva Snap

Diva Snap
#FashionCollabo the one of a kind MJ Woodbridge and @adamselman  

I  so think the fit is just right for Ri-Ri  personality, although I don't know if  I will feel the Diva in me to rock out in the P*$$Y gear...Lol

Diva Snap

You can check out the P*$$Y collection  on Instagram @mjwoodbridge x @adamselman for my girl @badgalriri #dreamteam  

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