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Sunday, July 7, 2013


LHHATL Rasheeda is keeping it real with her Fans on Facebook, while enjoying the online snappin. Rasheeda  posted a pic of a thirsty Hoe Quote relating to her Hubby  Kirk latest cheating... Yep you read that!

Click the snap below to view pic… 

Rasheeda posted the below pic caption:

lmaoooo ‎#TheThirstIsReal

Now check out what her Fans had to say about this:
  • "Gina MzBoss Henry We wouldn't know Kirk if it wasn't for you lol ... She knew!!

    Msiremu Doureme There are some trifling women and men in this world just got to stay prayed up and focused!!

    Shana Williams Even if she didn't know he had a wife, she shouldn't sleep with someone she don't know. Plus I am pretty sure she watched last season. She is such a hoe for even sleeping with someone else man.

    Indigo Mcleod Sorry Sheeda,Kirk looks like a wet turd...

    Stephanie McMillian Better you then me.. There aint enough money in the world for me to deal with that kind of disrespect..
    Whitney Dowling: damn she knew you!!!!!! dumb bitch."

Look like Kirk cause this on himself... However I had to agree with Rasheeda this ish is Funny... I said it once and I will say it again... It is Hoe Season and Diva you gotta be more careful with your Man-Boo.... The Thirst is real...Lol

*Diva Snap*to Rasheeda for keeping it real...POP THOSE FINGERS!

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