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Monday, April 8, 2013


missy elliot hit the studio hanging with fantasia" 

Who You Hanged with this pasted Weekend? 

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Coming off the weekend Rapper/Singer Missy Elliot has been hitting the studio making music with Fantasia for upcoming release of her fourth album ‘Side Effects of You,’ which will be in stores on April 23. And Missy Elliot  along with Kelly Rowland will be feature on one of Tasia track title 'Without Me. Peep the two as they posed for a snap below...

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If you have follow Tasia on instagram or Twitter you notices that she  uses the phrase “Rock Soul” and the reason of that is  because this describe the direction she’ll be heading in for this body of work and growth. Check out the name of the track on the album below...

‘Side Effects of You’ Tracklisting
1. ‘Supernatural’
2. ‘Ain’t All Bad’
3. ‘If I Was a Bird’
4. ‘Girl Talk (Interlude)’
5. ‘Without Me’ feat. Kelly Rowland & Missy Elliott
6. ‘Side Effects of You’
7. ‘Get It Right’
8. ‘So Much to Prove’
9. ‘Change Your Mind’
10. ‘Lighthouse’
11. ‘Lose to Win’
12. ‘End of Me’
13. ‘In Deep’

Also congrads to Tasia who recently shared that Walmart brought out her album and she took the necessary time to autograph each CD. Pic down there ....

Thanks Walmart For Buying 100 Thousand Of My CDs..... Im taking my time to sign them ALL

More Diva: 

And speaking of Walmart guess who was spotted shopping at Walmart last week...{Below}

The Barbadian Diva was caught shopping at Walmart in Kamloops, British Columbia. How so down to earth cool of her, can't help but to heart Ri-Ri sometime...!

Diva Snap* to missy, tasia, & ri-ri...POP THOSE FINGERS!

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