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Thursday, April 11, 2013


The upcoming season of Love and Hip Hop ATL is going to be yet again popping as the Drama is very real currently. While last night supposedly it was a snap down with Erica Dixon who allegedly left Shay Johnson scratched up and bloodied outside of a salon at cast-mate Karlie Redd's hair launch party called "Redd Champagne and Weave." and the ladies is still beefing about Scrappy. {Which we saw from the first season of LAHH ATL} 

Okay here the snap:  according to Funky Dineva, word on the street, "is the parking lot was left red with blood. Reportedly, Erica and Shay are beefing. Still.  We assume from the "LAHH ATL" trailer that the beef has everything to do with Lil' Scrappy. Erica was already at the party when Shay apparently looking to start some ish.  Some kind of way, Erica ended up in the parking lot with Shay (sounds like that scene when Scrappy rolled up on Stevie J in that parking lot during season 1) and the two began fighting.  After the fight, Shay was supposedly seen bleeding and ushered into a bathroom inside the salon where one of the
hairstylists spent an hour getting her hair and makeup together.  Well, at least she was in the right place for that. 

Conflicting reports have both chicks "winning" the fight....as if anyone wins when two chicks square off on television. Time & the VH1 cameras will tell"

And I sure can't wait to see the drama play out.

 Thoughts, Leave comment below?

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