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Thursday, April 18, 2013


Her love her Wiz! 
With being a new mom and having the father of your child stick by you through the pregnancy and all it just make you fall so in love with that man and you just be having such a happy feeling, and truly fill love. {You know that feeling} However, this is probably how Amber Rose felted when she decides to go get her man Wiz Khalifa face tatted on her Arm. 

Amber Rose shared the below pic on Instagram  showing off her new tattoo, with the caption “True Love #Cam&Amb ” 

A pic of Wiz’s face is hyper-realistic, down to his own neck tattoos and ceiling eyes. Wishing them both the best in hope that they have a lasting relationship fill with nothing but love and happiness. I just hope later on Wiz do not be label as "Baby Daddy" because this will just be bad karma for Darling Amber.  Honey that level of detailing and placement, it  better be true love. That going to cause some snappin for that tat to come off or get cover up. 

Anywho the tat is live! 

Thoughts, Leave comment below?

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