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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


My Diva Toya Wright is too sweet and was showing that she support all reality TV shows including Kim Zolciak "Tardy for the Party".  Okay here the snap: Last night the Former Real Housewives of ATL Kim Zolciak "Tardy for the Party" reality show  return for it second season, and aired  on Bravo last night. I know with good intention Toya Wright posted a promo pic of the show to tell her Fans to check out and show support as well... Click below to continue reading...

Well Toya good intention did  not go so well with her Fan they snap ! Peep this, Toya shared the below pic caption:

Toya Wrote : Check out @kimzolciakbiermann new show tonight on Bravo

Toya I know you meant well, but the Fans are not having it girl with Kim. Peep all the negative comments the Fans had to say about tuning in to the show:

 ufancyhon I'm good!

the_juicy_life_ Fuck kim  

nananaabooboo Didn't know they were cool like that that's kind of interesting I could never see them knowing each other  

 mz_pisces01 Kim sucks!!!  

iamjmika Must be cuz who cares about this damn show Kim sho ain't gone promote her show  

curlybran78 Hell naw! Im disappointed in you!  

drbrooks2005 No thanks! She's not that interesting to me.

 msdiva_xoxo Nahhhh I'll pass on this one #boring

 shawshaw82 Ain't nobody watchin that shit...  

Then of course Kim responded with:
 Thanks sweetheart!! so much negativity disappointing! Women should build up other women! Appreciate ur support! Xo 

Kim honey-bun when will you learn just to sometime sit back and be quiet. Anywho after all this snappin I'm sure Kim show may not be poping to  much with rating. Is it R.I.P for "Tardy for the Party"...Not a good look. SEE MORE COMMENTS...

Your Thoughts, Leave comment below?

Pics via Toya Wright Instagram

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