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Friday, March 1, 2013


The actress Jada Pinket- Smith and Salma Hayek joined force looking Fabulous as they  attend the launch of Chime for Change, Gucci's women's empowerment movement.

The most prominent celebrity activists in Hollywood posed stunning on the press line for a TEDxWomen luncheon celebrating inspirational women around the world. The event was held at the Westin in Long Beach, California on February 2.  The two posed pretty to support the cause. see pics below...

Jada serves on the advisory board among other A-listers.  Jada and Salma Hayek snap it up with co-founder of the org, Johnson Publishing CEO Desiree Rogers and more.

'I believe that by working together we can change the course of history to ensure that girls and women are empowered to realize their potential and thrive,' Salma explain while she continues about her involvement in the project. 

Chime For Change aims to focus on three key factors of women's empowerment: education, health and justice.
A press release states: 'The campaign comes at a historic and pivotal moment for girls and women globally as the world’s attention is drawn to international stories ranging from Malala’s personal fight for education in Pakistan to headlines of violence against women in all corners of the world.'
Gucci has enlisted the help of other leading organisations to strengthen the impact of the campaign. - {Per Dailymail}

*Diva Snap*to jada & salma for supporting women empowerment ...POP THOSE FINGERS!


More Diva: Beyonce Knowles is also an  co-founder of the women's empowerment movement from Gucci. Watch Video below:

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