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Thursday, March 28, 2013


Claudia Jordin visit Wendy Williams show on 
Tuesday where she did not hold back and spoke 
her mind on being fired from Celebrity Apprentice to 
her thoughtsabout ex- BFF Omarosa, and speaking 
of her beef with Omarosa.  Claudia and Omarosa used to be friends in real life, but had a falling out after Michael Clarke Duncan’s funeral.

When  talk show Diva Wendy Williams pop a question relating to the snappin between Omarosa and Claudia. Oh my should we tell you that Claudia  went on a rant and said some things about Omarosa as a person onto how she turned her ex-Finance the Michael Clarke Duncan’s funeral into a red carpet just to gain herself some industry attention..  

Watch clip below of how Claudia tells Wendy her side of the story and reveals why she didn’t take Omarosa into the boardroom with her on “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice:

Claudia Jordan posed cute-ish at SiriusXM Studios in New York. For the outing, she opted for own $89 Claudia Jordan Collection Green and Black Crew Neck Mesh Dress.

Watch Clip here:

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