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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


They are glamed and they know it! 
Both Vivica A. Fox and Christina Milian are stunning as they cover UNLEASH'D magazine... See the Fab Mag Divas below...

Vivica Fox rocked her fave look in UNLEASH'D magazine. The 48 year old actress is still getting her grind on in the acting biz as she makes moves in a couple of films and shows. Ms. Fox stunning so pretty in glamorous dresses as she covering the pages of the new upcoming issues.

Oh so sexy Christina Milian rocked so fierce and gorgeous as she featured on the Mad About Mod”   cover of Unleash’d  magazine’s April/May issue. 
The Singer/Social Media Correspondent for NBC’s The Voice channel a 60′s inspired looked, showcasing a fabulous, royal blue Georges Chakra suit snappin with a pair of Benjamin Adams London “Detroit” Patent Leather Pumps. Check out the hot Chica below...

What the behind-the-scene footage below:

Pretty right, Leave comment below?

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