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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Well where have Latavia Roberson been?  Look like she been getting some loving as the former Destiny Child memeber is three-months pregnant, and her expected due date is Septemeber 4th which is also Beyonce Birthday. According to the press release, LaTavia's child's father is a "well known Alanta producer". Anywho Latavia was my Fave in the orginal group Destiny Child, to bad when she got ex's from the group years ago she fell off . 

But that's okay because LaTavia has been living the Fab life in Atlanta doing local appearances here and there. Beside the Destiny Girls including Michelle has been supportive of each others careers.  However, speaking of career 31 year old LaTavia has landed a reality show plus she has a tell all book. Please read more below...

Recently it was revealed that LaTavia signed a production contract with hit reality TV producer Carlos King the Executive Producer, who also did "RHOA", "Oprah's Season 25 Behind The Scenes," "Real Housewives of New Jersey.  As the singer is ready to open up about her past life, pregnancy and plans for her future.

“I’m excited to work with LaTavia to effectively tell her story on television. This is her first time speaking out about her past. This woman has endured more than the public even realizes, and once they hear half of it, they will be in awe. She is a true survivor!”  Executive Producer Carlos, says.

It  also been rumor that LaTavia has a tell-all memoir that has been in the  works for a while now, which is due out later this year.  The press release states:
Production plans include developing a reality show documenting Latavia’s pregnancy, the ups and downs of her relationship with her child's father and her past battle with molestation, alcoholism and jail time.

Her struggles to distance herself from the negativity surrounding her untimely departure from Destiny's Child, still follow her, but LaTavia is determined to clear the air once and for all. Future plans also include returning to the studio to showcase her voice for the first time as a solo artist and the final release of her highly anticipated “tell all” memoir due later this year!

Sound like it going to be Juicy right, and we sure can't wait to

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