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Friday, March 1, 2013


America Idol has def been snappin and  the reason  we think so is beacause  of two wild, outspoken let's get this show popping Diva Nicki Minaj and 20 years old contestants Zoanette Johnson who stole the show on Wednesday night with her blonde big hair singin Lion King’s “Circle of Life” that put Ms. Nicki in tears.

 Diva Nicki was touch by  Zoanette  singing spirit as  the Young Money entertainer   get emotion and speak of their similar background to state that Zoanette is much like:

'I’m so proud that this place gives people like you and people like me, who came from absolutely nothing, a place that we didn’t think we’d make it out alive from, it gives us the chance. Thank you,’ she shouted pointing vigorously with her finger.

The ecstatic Starships  singer continue snappin:"Who gonna check you Boo? You just served it,”  ‘Listen Zoanette, you make me so emotional, you came from Liberia, all those siblings, they are going to get a chance to see you on this show.  I am so proud of you. So proud of you,’ Nicki explain.

‘I don’t care what people say about you. You are the person we are going to remember after tonight,’ she added, as she too applauding her for losing weight.

While  the other Judges  agreed: 
‘Forget the king of the jungle, kudos to the queen of the jungle right there,’ said Keith Urban.

‘Listen America! This is why Zoanette is here tonight. That spirit is infectious,’ snap Randy Jackson.

The sobbed health worker who now lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma give thanks:  "Praise be to god’  In case you missed it watch the performance below:


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