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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


It was on and snappin this weekend when former Love and Hip NYC star Somaya Reece hit the stage to open for Mr. 305 himself rapper PitBull at Miami annual Calle Ocho carnival.

Just in case you're wondering 'What the snap' {WTS} is Calle Ocho. It is a "grand celebration of Hispanic culture. Known as one of the largest street party, the festival spans 23 city blocks, filled with musical stages, youth sites, folkloric sites and food vendors."  Somaya Reece was one of the hot new rap artists to take to the little Havana Street for some cultural fun. See pics of Somaya at the carnival below....


Somaya went to her website to write about her excitement and present at Calle Ocho saying:

This is a small clip that was taken while I was performing. Official footage will be posted soon.  My experience was amazing. As soon as I found out I booked Calle Ocho I was not only happy but I prayed and thanked God for this opportunity. 

I have performed for large crowds before but never was I as READY as I am now with the right music, and bright spirit. I also was very happy because I would be a part of TEAM PITBULL!! 

Which most of my fans know that asides from El General, Pit is one of my musical influences. So it was an honor to be selected by hs record label to join them on their stage at Calle Ocho."

Click her to Watch her performance and see more pics here.....

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