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Thursday, February 14, 2013


Well someone is cashing out for 2013 and you may know her by Sweet Brown aka 'Ms. Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That’ has snap a commercial deal and underwent a makeover. Word on the net is that the YouTube sensation is have  snatch a movie role starring in “Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas” ,and a few endorsement deals... plus so much more!

Before the Makeover 

Sweet Brown became famous after her son who also seen in the video posted on YouTube of her on the news, when a fire broke out  in her apartment complex and her play by play of how it all went down was hilarious!

"I didn't grab no shoes or nothing Jesus" and "Ain't nobody got time" for that quickly became the catch phrase of the year! Well I guess Sweet Brown has time for success! Looks like she grabbed some shoes, a new dress, new hair style, a manager and is making major moves in 2013! If you have not seen the video by now peepp it below...

According to Sweet Brown son in another interview with the news that is her actual personality and she was not putting on for the camera. See Sweet Brown as she have been seen with celebs, interviewed by hot talk show, and as she get all doll up like a Star. {Pics below}

Click here to Watch Sweet Brown and Shermar Moore on What Happen Live 

Sweet Brown Make Over. First stop Dentist office...{more pics below}...

Sweet Brown in the biz with Tyler Perry... It's only right.

The Finish product..Sweet Brown is all doll up and ready to get her work put in! Wow!
After The Makeover

Watch Sweet Brown in commercial below:

What a success story right before our eyes....You Go Sweet Brown get your Grind on!

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