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Monday, February 25, 2013


Although Lil Wayne has somewhat apologize for his snappin to them Miami Heat Baller, particular LeBron. It seem like the home Team {Miami-Dade county} is still not feeling Weezy comments, and  Miami very own rapper PitBull is one of those who is still not at ease with Weezy and is still going in  while putting out a freestyle rap dissing Weezy. Today PitBull release the "Harlem Shake" Freestyle diss track {Welcome to Dade County}...  The Lyrics to the track says:

"I'm self-made, I'm self-paid / I grew up with no daddy, I'm from Miami-Dade," Pit flows on the on the track. "It's a deposition / Watch what you speak / Who's the definition of Miami? Me / I move cultures, don't believe me? / Watch and see." 

Without mentioning Weezy Weasel by name, Pitbull reminds the washed up MC that it's best to not "shit where you eat." 

"You got money, yeah that's sweet / But we all know Slim and Baby really eat / You talk Miami, yes you talkin' Heat / Moral of the story, don't shit where you eat." 

However, the best line of the song can be found in Pit's 
bilingual outro, where Armanditotells Lil Wayne Lame to do him a favor: "Para de comer tanta pinga." 

Listen to the Track below:

Calm down Pit, Weezy Straight a lil bit!

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