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Thursday, February 21, 2013


Beyonce is now the Soda Pop Diva for Pepsi, and once again  Bey has collaborated with Pepsi to create what is known as Andy Warholesque piece of pop art featuring an extra blond mane, puckered hot pinklips, blue eyeshadow and cute-ish faces.  

Just in case you did not know  Bey is the spokewoman for Pepsi , a role she took on back in 2002, and now she is in the midst of her newest major rumored to be $50 million deal where she will assist in branding project, design advertisements, and receives tour sponsorships from the brand. Bey posted the below pics on her Facebook page... See the cute pics below...

The image which was shot by  Patrick Demarchelier will appear in stores and on soft drinks pack as of today.   "Pop Art inspires me to Live for NOW."  Bey stated about the pics on her FB page.

Chief Design Officer Mauro Porcini,  at PepsiCo, said"Beyoncé and Pepsi truly achieved the 'Pepsi Effect' with this collaboration. It was a joy to discover Beyoncé’s current passion for Pop Art, and together make it come alive in a very contemporary way."

Watch  Bey's newest Pepsi commercial  with Britney Spears, Pink &Enrique Iglesias below:

Cute right, Leave comment below?

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