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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


On the ball right behind her sister/BFF Beyonce. Hot Diva Kelly Rowland get so cute-ish and flirtatious to teases her fans with a sexy behind-the-scenes clip from her fun and flirty video “Kisses Down Low.”  See pics of a hot cute-ish Kelly below...

Kelly get all dolled up as a pin up girl  wearing different costumes showing off her beautiful skin and tone body as she rocks in a swing against a green screen, and style in a curled blonde wig and hot pants.  Kelly snaps with excitement saying: 

“I’m so excited about this video. The theme is fun and flirty and pinup,”
“The makeup is poppin’, the hair is poppin’, the styling is so cool, but it feels just really flirty. I wanted to bring that out of the song instead of making it as racy.”
The song will appear on her upcoming fourth album ‘Talk a Good Game.’ Kells continue to say “As soon as we heard it, it just came together really easy,” The song is produced by Mike WiLL Made It and Rock City.

*Diva Snap* to flirty kelly...POP THOSE FINGERS!

Watch the Behind the Scenes video below:

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