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Thursday, February 28, 2013


What in the world happen here? This show turn into a hot snappin a$$ mess!  Let us get straight to the point here. The Queens, and King, whatever you want to call them was not having it as they turn what was supposed to be a Fashion Show down into a Fashion snap down better yet a riot.  Okay here the snap per wsoctv.com on why this wild brawl took off: 

"A YouTube video uploaded on Sunday has received a lot of attention, both from internet users and local law enforcement. Massive brawl happened at the NDemand Entertainment Complex on East 28th Street in Charlotte. Men were standing on one side of the room hurling chairs toward a group of women.
Then, at one point, one woman picked up a whole table and threw it. She then blocked a chair flung at her and caught another one with one hand while holding her purse with the other." Please scroll below to read more and watch video...

"Tuesday night, both the manager of NDemand and people who attended the party said the fight started with a fashion show contest for members of the gay and transgender community, and the violence happened after a contestant was upset they didn't make the finals."

Watch the big snap down here:

Now that  just crazy sick! SMDH

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