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Sunday, February 17, 2013


Is it a baby bump or bubble guts for Love and Hip Hop NYC star Erica Mena? Perhaps the reality, aspiring singer was just full of bloat when she was snap in the pics that showed off a little bump while friends hold hertummy.  Than soon after Erica gets rowdy in defense claiming  not to be Prego.
When the pics of an  Erica alleged baby bump crash on the net yesterday, she's went on a tweeting  rant stating how people "assuming" things and how she's doing "boss" things. Check out the below pics of a supposedly pregnant Erica while hosting a party at Bar 7 in D.C. Thursday night.

Party Goers was picture with Erica holding her tummy, calling themselves "auntie," and Erica saying how happy she is.  But for some reason in Erica head she decides to post the pics {above} assuming she is knocked up. Then moment later tweet things like:

LMFAO! Assume and you make an A$$ out of yourself!

Erica sure thought it was cute to joke about being pregnant. Now check her out as she party it up later that night at Stadium nightclub in D.C. holding a bottle of Patron over her mouth. Well Erica the Joke is on you, because that was an Oh So Lame and not cute bubble gut.

So Joker Erica who seen in the pics below rocking a flat tummy while she partied with WPGC radio personality Sunni, who posted the pics today...

SMH..! So yeah look like she was faking to be pregnant... This makes her look so sad!


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