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Thursday, February 21, 2013


Sound like the drama is going to be sky high on the upcoming Love and Hip Hop ATL. And you should already know who is all apart of the snappin. Yes Honey K.Michelle of course, and Mimi new boo-man Niko who supposedly put hands on K. Michelle, and this is what cause the beef between K. Michelle and Mimi which led up to the now  slap down, which we reported yesterday.

Okay so here the snap, per MTO:

"The ratchetness on next season of Love And Hip Hop is going to reach FEVERISH LEVELS. Yesterday MediaTakeOut.com EXCLUSIVELY reported to you that K Michelle SLAPPED FIRE out of MiMi backstage ata NY concert.

But there's MORE to the story. We spoke to a producer FROM THE SHOW who told us that LAST WEEK - MiMi's new boyfriend Niko PUT HANDS on K Michelle. The insider explained, "K Michelle was invited to [Nikko's] video set. They got into an argument over some silliness and Nikko put hands on K Michelle. He mushed her face and K Michelle almost fell down. Security grabbed him and stopped him before things got worse. It looked like he was going to put hands and feet on K Michelle."
We're told that after the incident MiMi sided with HER BF over K Michelle. Producers are now trying to decide HOW MUCH of the fight they will air on next season of Love And Hip Hop."

Kinda of Juicy right!

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