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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


OMG! They can't be serious.. All we have to say is Wow!...How Funny! {LOL} Well if you trying to figure out what are we in shock about here the snap per Dailymail.com

"Forget Rosie Huntington-Whiteley or Miranda Kerr, for one French lingerie brand only a boogieing boob will do.
The hilarious new advertising campaign from Valege tells the story of a lonely single breast desperate to be reunited with its opposite number.

The campaign includes three variations on the theme, with one set in an airport, another in a cruise ship terminal and the last on a TV game show...." Click on read more below to see more pics & video... 

Parental Discretion inside....

There more to the story:
"Airport' begins with a lonely single breast wandering into the arrival's lounge holding a placard that reads 'Welcome Left'.

As the boob peers out of the window, a jet featuring an angel-winged breast pulls up and another breast runs down the gangway towards its lonely counterpart.
    The two finally meet and bump together in joy before turning towards the camera. The clip ends with the words: 'Finally together'.
    Although the scenario differs in the other two clips, both 'TV Show' and 'Cruise Ship' end with a jolly boob bounce.
    Directed by CGI expert J.A.CK at Wanda Productions, it took not one but two ad agencies to come up with the bizarre idea." -per Dailymail.com

    We have two words....Cray, Cray...lol 

    Watch commerical below:

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