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Thursday, February 14, 2013


Chad Ochocinco Johnson does not waste time. Just six months ago he was about marry, arrested for allegedly head-butting his then-wife Evelyn Lozada. But look like the lost Baller is winning in the area of Love again with his new blonde girlfriend chef Lauren Popeil who posted several pics on Instagram of her and Chad enjoying Valentine's week in Spain. {Pics below}

Okay here the snap: According to Dailymail.com 
"The newly divorced 35-year-old got very cosy with CEO of Popeil Cuisine in the three photos she posted on Thursday. 

The lovebirds began their Valentine's Day grabbing a quick bite at Le Pain de Quotidien before watching the Real Madrid vs. Manchester United match in Madrid.
Lauren tweeted:
 'On my way to the Real Madrid vs. Manchester United match with my boy Chad... Having the best time!!! No better way to spend Valentines week!' She then added, 'Couldn't be happier!!!! Thanks Chad!!!! Kisses!'

Meanwhile, Chad opted out of retweeting his enthusiastic new girlfriend's couple shots and wrote the following message to his 4.7 million followers.
'Happy Valentines to all 504 n a possible of my girlfriends, no gift is greater than being a part of my spontaneous, unpredictable weird life,' Johnson wrote."

However just last month Chad was spotted holding hands on a date with ex-wifey pooh Evelyn Lozada, so were wondering if this going to be a Rihanna, and Chris Brown triangle relationship type of thang.... Read more...

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