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Sunday, February 24, 2013


The Diva still looked the same when rocking those Braids. 

It's been 20 years since Ms. Janet Jackson played the role in  Poetic Justice and made her braids famous. I can recall my days when we we rocked those what we would call Janet Plaits. And now it seem as if those cute Braids has stumble back in style.  Just this weekend Hair Diva Ms. Jackson; Janet if you nasty was spotted styling so cute-ish in them Braids at Milan Fashion Week glowing and looking  so youthful. See pics below...

Janet Jackson accompany by her  billionaire boyfriend Wissam Al Man only had eyes for each other and of course the fashion as they sit in the front row at Roberto Cavalli's Milan Fashion Week 2013 show on Saturday, as Janet style her famous Braids.

Janet looking Oh So Cute Poetic Justice" style.

Watch clip of Poetic Justice when those braids first snap on the scene below:


More Snappin: Janet Jackson confirm she is now married: 

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