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Thursday, February 28, 2013


The Miami Heat Baller is getting there "Harlem Shake" on a popular dance that is now making it way into the sports world... Here is what being snap about the video:

"There's just so much to digest in this one. It is equal parts strange and entertaining. Chris "Birdman" Andersen getting things started in the locker room while the rest of the team stretches. Chris Bosh in what appears to be a bathrobe, cowboy hat and sunglasses with a giant gold boombox. Mario Chalmers dressed as legendary video game plumber/world-saver Super Mario. LeBron James shirtless in a king's robe and hat. Ray Allen in a Phantom of the Opera-style mask. We'll let the Internet masses decide where the Heat's version ranks among the countless Harlem Shake videos out there. In the meantime, stay amazing Internet." - usatoday.com {Watch Video Below}

And if we must say Lebron in a way kind of stole the dance floor.

Watch the Dancing Heat below:

Funny right...LMAO, see more pics here

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