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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Laterly the Jersey Shores hot mama Snooki is looking more mature these days now that she is an mother to her six-month-old son Lorenzo. She has toned down from the loud hot pink color and leopard print attire.

In a recent picture {below} Snooki posted on Twitter,  the now red head Snooki looks more classy wearing a cute-ish ruffled cream top and light grey miniskirt. The 25 year old Diva  tweeted the self snap on Monday. Peep the pic below...

Snooki posed pretty with co-star and best friend JWoww, who also looked quite classy styling in a pair of high-waisted trousers and a grey blouse with black tank underneath. 

Then in another tone down look for Snooki as she and  JWoww  jetted into Los Angeles on Sunday. Snooki was seen sporting a geek chic look, trendy but quirky wide-brimmed black hat and a huge pair of glasses. Which we like!*Diva Snap*...POP THOSE FINGERS!

Tune to the Ellen Show today at 4:00pm to see Snooki and JWoww  interview!

Cute right, Leave comment below?

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