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Sunday, January 13, 2013


The hot couple Toya and Memphitz Wright is heading back to reality TV. The Diva and Author Toya hopefully will be snappin again on the TV screen for a new reality show with her hubby Memphitz.  Both Toya and Memphitz starred on BET reality show "Toya A Family Affair" and of course Toya first reality spot light was in "Tiny and Toya" since then Toya has been living the Fab life scene.
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Now the Diva and her snapper hubby will be starring in their own reality show called "Mickey and Toya: The Wright Way". And for sure we believe the show will be popping and hopefully Memphitz will give us his snappin side about that K. Michelle story ish. 

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The handsome Memphitz is so loving his wife FAM as he has team up with Toya little Brother Rudy to line up on some new Fashion toys called "RUDEBOY" snap at the hat wear below..

via Toya IG:  Gotta support my Lil brother @rudeboy_07 and get 1 of his hats. #Rudeboy #Hats #comingsoon   

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