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Thursday, January 31, 2013


This make him even more handsome and cute! Rapper The  Game just got a recent Tattoo of the late Lisa Left-eye Lopez   ofthe  group TLC face to his already sexy tatted body. Peep the pic below...

The Game posted the pic of the new ink below to his instagram page who also plan to get another tat of the Late singer Aaliyah as well. The reason behind the rapper tats "are a way of showing respect and paying tribute to the fallen artistes" as he stated.

If you ever saw the rapper shirtless you will know that he his body is fully tatted  and on his right forearm, he has the name of gangster rap legend, Eazy E. Plus on other parts of his body, he has tattoos of the names 2pac, Jam Master Jay and his late best buddie, Billboard.

aww he a sentimental guy!

More Snapper

The Game waited patiently and posed for a few pictures while his SUV got detailed in Los Angeles, California yesterday afternoon. Check out those shoes! {lol}

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