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Thursday, January 3, 2013


If she isn't cute as a button and oh so adorable. The brown-eyed curly hair cutie-pie is the daughter of a well known DJ/photographer, who been in the industry for decades and her mom is among the top in a very large advertising firm in the country.  

However it looks like the pretty little one is already following in her dad foot-step with having her own camera. Snap down to see pic of Celeb dad....

Snap on.....
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There you go !
It's DJ D-Nice! Last year, news was reported that D-Nice had divorce his now ex-wife actress Melinda Williams to love it up with Global Hue VP and heir Kelli Coleman who aired previously on the BET show "Harlem Heights" also.

Dad D-Nice posted the cute pic of 1 and a half year old baby girl on his Instagram page caption:  "Growing Up."  She's precious!

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