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Sunday, December 16, 2012


erica dixon hanged with her man scrappy...

Who You Hanged with this Weekend? 
(Please scroll down to read post.)

We just got through from watching Vh1 "Love and Hip Hop ATL dirty little secret" that aired tonight at 8:00pm. Which detail that Erica and Scrappy are still pretty much engage and in love. But of course they must be why else will Erica Instagram a pic of Scrappy and herself hanging, clubbing and lip locking... Check out the boo’d up couple below...

Extra Diva: 
MAGAZINE DIVA: Erica  glam on the cover of Desirable Mag Luxury Fashion. Ms. Dixon, pics below...

Behind the Scenes with Erica Dixon of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta 

Per Desirable Mag:

“Lydia Pierre sat down with Erica Dixon of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta for a feature interview running in the next issue of Desirable magazine to discuss the world she  inhabits within the Love & Hip Hop universe, both on screen and off.— CLICK HERE to check out some behind the scenes footage.”  Also see pics below....

Erica Dixon being interviewed by Lydia Pierre.

                  *Diva Snap* TO Ms. scrappy making the cover of desirable mag...POP THOSE FINGERS!

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