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Friday, December 7, 2012


Trindad james is the newibe that issa rae is snappin about...

On Wednesday  night we was watching BET "Don't sleep"  hosted by T.J Holmes when a segment  with Issa Rae the  Awkward Black Girl” who snapped about finding basic love with Trinidad James “ratchet” ways was displayed....(Laugh) We actually was like WTS!  Who is this funny looking guy rapping with this disco-rick (one gold tooth to the top of the mouth) and the grilled out bottom (Teeth’s) that Issa Rae is turnt-up about. In fact we really thought this was a character that she had made up particular for that segment until we decide to research the net and realize oh my Trinidad James is somewhat of a real artist who making hit music on the net.  Are we lame or what?...Smh  read more below....

Although we  have little knowledge about Trinidad James some of you all might know more of him. However we listened to his music on YouTube of course and so far it don’t sound too bad, but is rather amusing to us.  Watch James release songs/video “All Gold everything” below to view what this snap is really about. 

Side note: prepare to laugh because we did.

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Now Watch Full Episode of Don’t Sleep! : This Week in Why with Issa Rae: Ep. 126 – “Highlight: Issa Rae discusses new rapper Trinidad James, his “ratchet” ways and why his apparent ignorance is a turn on for her. (2012)”


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to both issa rae & trindad james,"Hilarious"...POP THOSE FINGERS!

what your thoughts, 

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