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Friday, November 9, 2012


no... not the divas getting fired!

Yes you read that right, one of the R&B Divas is getting kick to the snap... Smh. We know you like ok get to the point. Well here's the point it is being rumor that Tv One has fired R&B Diva Nicci Gilbert. Oh snap the biggest Boss Diva of all the R&B Divas! Yes her!

Per Bossip:

We recently reported that the rumor mills were set ablaze that R&B star Nicci Gilbert was getting the boot from TVOne’s R&B Divas.

Although, Nicci hopped on Twitter to shut the rumors down, she might be removing her foot from her social media mouth now.

Last night while caught up in Obama’s re-election excitement, Nicci Gilbert teased that Mitt Romeny was fired, then hinted that her job may not be as safe as she once thought. Click link below to read more...

Nicci Tweeted:

Although Nicki was queen Bossy more than a Diva. We actually like Nicki. Sad day for the Diva! *DIva snap*

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