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Wednesday, November 28, 2012



Giving that we are fans to the new show R&B Divas, we are happy that singer Angie Stone and Sunshine Anderson will be joining the cast. But what we are hearing is that Diva Faith Evan will be departing from the show, this is not good news. *sigh* We’re deeply heartbroken about Faith leaving. Then on the other hand we were  aware of Nicci Gilbert's getting the boot.

*DIVA SNAP*  to the new Divas ...POP THOSE FINGERS! Read more below...

Per YBF: "R&B Divas" turned out to be a surprise hit for TV One, but the show's season one cast-lineup wasn't exactly a hit with the executives or people surveyed about the show.  We told you earlier that Nicci Gilbert's likability wasn't very high among viewers so she got the axe, and now, sources are reporting that Faith Evans is also walking away from the show.  It's not for certain whether Faith is going away willingly...but she's not expected to be back.
So who will be filling the void?  R&B veterans Sunshine Anderson ("Heard It All Before") and Angie Stone ("Brother") are expected to come on-board.  And since "R&B Divas" isn't necessarily built on scandals and arguents, it may be a good way to put the ladies music back on the map since we haven't heard much from either of them in a while.  I DO want some dish on Mathew Knowles (Sunshine's manager) and D'Angelo (Angie's baby daddy) though.
As for now, Syleena Johnson, KeKe Wyatt and Monifah are expected to be back (though TV One has not confirmed)." 
Well this is interesting to know!  Check out pic below... Of new Diva Sunshine & Angie. Nicci & Faith has been axed (X). 

Anywho what you know about them Divas!

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