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Sunday, November 4, 2012


Black Girl Rock - Hot Red Lips Effect.

We are tuned in to BET Black Girl Rock right now, and do you see the Hot Trend of the Red Lip Effect that  many of the beautiful Ladies in the audiences and Celeb Divas are wearing! This make us want to pop out that black skin tight mini dress and snap on that red Lipstick and step out tonight!  The only thing that stoping us now is that it Sunday...Smh..Lol. Take a look at the Red Hot Lips Effect!

Singer Diva Alicia Keys

Singer Diva Janelle Monáe

Actress Diva Megan Good

Actress  Diva Regina King

*Diva Snap* The Trend is still Alive! "My Black is Beautiful!"... 

Pop those Fingers!

Dazzling beautiful and unconventional neo-soul singer Janelle Monáe is apparently the new face of Covergirl, and the seamless ads create quite the hype.  From her red-hot lips and fingernails to her signature pompadour and tuxedo! Oh So Divaish!

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