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Saturday, November 10, 2012


*diva snap* to tiny looking oh so divaish on the cover of "juicy" mag!

Tiny is snappin hard on shelves this month, not only does the Diva have a feature in "Rolling out" Mag right now, but she also is snappin on the latest issue of "Juicy magazine. In the article Tiny talk about   her new talk show, the status of “Family Hustle” and how she handles the “Why are they together” question, plus touches on her accent.

Tiny on new show: “It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for like five years,” she says and, yes, Shekinah will be involved),  The Diva also rants on her jealousy-free relationship with T.I: “I don’t really worry because I know he’s crazy about me and I’m crazy about him…Tip never lets anyone get out of line or be disrespectful. He checks it off top.”  Her accent: “I wish I could change my accent. I hate the way I talk. I hate the way it sounds.”  Look like Tiny is winning on book shelves!

Brooke baily is on"juicy mag too!

Tiny is not snappin alone on the cover of Juicy Mag. Spot at soon to be ex-Basketball wives LA Brooke Bailey who also grab a small partial on the cover "Video Vixen to Party Girls!"  Along side Diva Ri-Ri and Kandi. We must pick up an issue to see what the snap is going on with Brooke and her party life. Post comment below

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