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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


is this song snappin or not happening?

We know the Holiday Season is here and Thanksgiving is just up the street, but what the deal with this Chick and this song. This Chick we snappin about is Nicole Westbrook a preteens who supposedly is a YouTube star that sing about turkey and mashed potatoes. We understand that there a message to the song on how we should be thankful because it’s Thanksgiving. But did this song have to be umm, you know awkward or should we we say annoying! Hey it is, what it is, although some of ya'll make think otherwise... So let us stop hating. Any who see for yourself watch videos below...

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Watch video here of folks snappin about the song:

Watch Nicole Westbrook Thanksgiving song here:

Did you hear the rap breakdown,where the Nicole rhymes "Gotta be grateful/ can't be hateful/ mashed potatoes on my (on my) table. LOL

So what do you think , leave comment below?

More Snappin:

Read more: http://www.thedailymeal.com/rebecca-blacks-people-make-best-thanksgiving-song-ever#ixzz2C8T3Hl7n

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